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Add Insight through an Expert View

ExpertView provides precision research services to Investment Managers, M&A Practitioners and Corporate Executives by combining primary research with expertise from active industry participants.

For Investment Professionals

ExpertView provides institutional, private equity and hedge fund managers with direct access to front-line industry experts. From single one-on-one telephone conversations through channel-check research and full summit reviews, ExpertView is recognized as Europe’s leading Expert Network for investment managers.

For M&A Practitioners and Corporations

ExpertView combines leading commercial and market due-diligence research techniques with subject-matter expertise from select ExpertView Network members to provide unparalleled insight.

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Becoming a member of the ExpertView network will afford you opportunities to share your expertise with the world’s leading financial professionals, and brings a number of benefits:

  • Thought-provoking consultations
  • Financial compensation
  • Networking opportunities

Register as a Client

As a client of the ExpertView network you will gain direct access to leading experts from industry, academia and the media. ExpertView clients can expect:

  • Access to industry experts
  • Bespoke matching services
  • The benefits of soft commission
  • Flexible pricing options